Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book Character Day

Here they are - three of my favorite book characters dressed up for their Children's Book Week celebration at school. Pea #1 is the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George and Peas #2 and #3 are Max and Ruby from the series of books by Rosemary Wells. This little exercize in literacy and costuming was sprung on me with a little under 48 hours notice.
I managed to come up with something because after all I'm a librarian with an encyclopedic knowledge of picture books and a positive glut of costume accessories and craft supplies tucked away in the most disorganized closet to ever grace a building erected with tax payer monies. (Translation from over-educated and over-complicated Anglais to regular work-a-day English: I'm a kiddy book geek with a work closet full of random collections of junk.) I shudder to think what this little assignment did to the average mom or dad whose 9-to-5 job involves answering phones in a law office or selling insurance policies! EEK!

Sky's class didn't participate this year, but she wasn't too disappointed as she is looking forward to her end of the school year Field Day on Friday. I am sure that I will have a pic to post of that soon.


Robert said...
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Lauren said...

i am in awe of your precious beauties! thanks for sharing, kelly. they are not only fortunate to have a librarian for a mother, but soooo lucky to have YOU as their mama! happy mother's day!

Lauren said...

(sorry about the 1st comment...i didn't realize i was logged in as my hubby!)