Friday, April 4, 2008

School Pictures

I got the proofs for school pictures in everyone's "send-home" folders this week. It blessed my heart and picked me up from a rotten week at work to see all of my kidlets smiling faces.
I just love school pictures, although I HATE the actual day of school picture-taking. It's always the morning that Pea #1 has 4 cowlicks in the top of his hair, Pea #2 has managed to black her eye AGAIN, the other two angels can't find white socks that actually match each other, and someone is totally out of clean underwear! Now, I know that underwear don't actually show in school pictures, but I secretly fear that the photographer will be able to tell from the way they sit that their drawers aren't daisy fresh.
Anyway, we did make it to school picture day with clean drawers and made it all the way up to picture time without our spiffy non-uniform clothes getting soiled. The results should prove fabulous, and I will be dispersing prints of their smiling faces liberally.

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jessy said...

Having superintended many a school picture day, I can assure you that the photographer does not know. I don't think they even look at the children. But the teacher can sniff out stale drawers from a mile away.